Day 61: Wadden loop

Yesterday night, we slept in the town of Pieterburen. As it turns out (I had little time to plan ahead since we booked the accommodation that same day), this is a center for Waddenlopen, mud walking across the land when the sea recedes during ebb. Having done this as a child, I was super-excited about it and tried to convince Timea to participate.

This kinda worked and so we set out with a pretty big group on the sea. I absolutely loved it (Timea not so much) and enjoyed the care and information our guides from Dijkstra gave. I think every one else seemed to like it, too. But going where is normally the sea, can be quite dangerous so I absolutely recommend getting a guide. What amazed me was the difference to when we were riding three meters next to the sea yesterday, now that sea had completely receeded and was ready for us to walk on. Timea’s stance on the Waddenzee loop was something along these lines:

In Hungary, we also have mud and people usually try to avoid it. Here, people get all excited about paying for it!

Well, fair enough … here is how much fun I had:

Waddenloop is fun!

Back on the bike, the national park “Drentsche Aa” was another highlight: There is an asphalt cycle path that leads right through the heart of this pretty spectacular, yet small, nature reserve. I also appreciated the hand-operated ferry that brings you over the river before it.

I guess the mud walk (or the hour-long discussions leading up to it …) must have been very taxing on us because the bikes did not really roll and I hardly remember when cycling 73km felt that tough. I was super hungry at the end of it (and actually for some time in the days to come).

On the train to Den Haag, we went through quite some rain, of which we had none while we were on the bikes during this nice 2-day outing. Again, perfect planning that the outsiders might consider sheer luck ;).

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Moritz Beller

Moritz Beller

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